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Current Outlook

"Storm ahead!"

Rising interest rates, declining GDP, increasing hostilies, declining food reserves and increasing debt defaults all together do not paint a healthy investment environment.

Results of South American harvests are not good and the food situation is about to get significantly worse as fertilizer prices and availability is worsening. To add insult to injury, the railroads have decided to limit transportation of fertizier and chemicals.

Many U.S. family farms are on the brink of bankruptcy despite high crop prices but even higher input costs.

The U.S. economy saw the 1st quarter turn with negative GDP and the stock market is beginning to acknowledge the real situation.

Shadow Government Statistics is probably a better source for your economic data than the Federal Government statistics which are revised, then revised again ... all to prove that the economy is not tanking. But your own eyes at the gas pump, grocery or hardware stop should confirm the truth!

Remember -- "Only purchasing power counts!"

Setting definitive action points for held positions will be key to retaining profits in this market.

It is difficult to find long-term trading opportunities with the future so uncertain.

Be careful ....We live in interesting times but safety in your investments should be a major concern going forward.

Remember to ... "Keep It Safe, Simple and Stay Focused!" going forward.

Fred Richards`
April 30, 2022


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