'Tis Only My Opinion - October 2020 - "When the gloves come off .." is now available.

Current Outlook

"October 2020"

135 months and counting .

In the middle of September, the indices felt sloppy and ready for a correction. The COVID economic disruption continues to render many indicators basically useless.

Government indices are suspect based upon delayed timing and availability of sufficient data.

Still the economy hobbles along but the stimulus payments which have ballooned the national debt are about the disappear and infighting in Congress suggests the outcome for further stimulus is marginal.

The first Presidential candidate debate changed hardly anyone's minds. Rather it was an excercise in political upmanship and facts rarely got in the way of either candidate.

Riots and the political discourse will continue to ferment disruptions to a recovering economic situation ... the result may well  be a disappointment to investors hopes.

We are seeing stock indices making new highs and the Dow-Jones Industrial Average  made a significant adjustment to the components which could change investors perception of value going forward.

We live in interesting times but safety in your investments should be a major concern going forward.

Remember to ... "Keep It Safe, Simple and Stay Focused!" going forward.

Fred Richards`
October 4, 2020


Fred Richards' has published his 'Tis Only My Opinion articles for many years on a wide range of subjects and many are archived here. The current article is highlighted above.

Mr. Richards is a graduate of SMU and HBS, and a member of Who's Who in the World since 1965.

In 2017, Mr. Richards received the Marquis Who's Who Lifetime Achievement award.

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