'Tis Only My Opinion - November 2016 - "Disbelief, Knee-jerk reactions, Angst, Anger and the Dow at a new record high" is now available.

Current Outlook

"November 2016"

The election campaign between the Democratic nominee, Hillary Clinton and the Republican upstart, Donald Trump, proved to be one of the more interesting in recent memory.

This week we have kept to our motto ... Keep It Safe, Simple and Stay Focused!

Increasing  volatility

As a result, while the market saw significant volatility this week, we have been able to sleep soundly ... largely, invested in cash in our three Strategic Investing portfolios.

Meanwhile, the futures market saw violent swings in both price and volume as Donald Trump was elected the next President of the U.S. and the Republicans kept their hold on both the House of Representatives and the Senate while also picking up additional Governor seats.

On Tuesday evening, the Dow Jones futures dropped 923 points or nearly 5% as it became apparent that the Clinton coronation might not play out. We had four networks running during the evening simultaneously looking at the coverage.

It was simply amazing to watch how various pundits and commentators responded to the evening and early morning vote totals in disbelief and the knee-jerk reaction seen in the Dow futures as the evening vote results ebbed and flowed.

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